Yesojo’s Nintendo Switch projector dock is a dream accessory

The Yesojo Nintendo Switch projector dock obtained a great deal of focus once we covered the launching of its crowdfunding effort this past year, but at CES, it had been on screen and working, together with the firm prepared to send into its ancient backers. We must spend time with the mobile projector, which provides your Switch a high-resolution display you may take with you everywhere — and we all came away quite impressed.

The Yesojo is barely bigger than the official Nintendo Switch dock itself, and also quite similar with respect to the way the real dock element functions, so there is no learning curve. It has a 200 lumen electronic projector built in, which is roughly equal to about two,000 lumen with a lamp-powered house unit concerning brightness. Even from the CES hall lighting, it had been perfectly functional, and you may imagine how great it would seem in dark light conditions.

Built-into the projector is a battery having sufficient power to offer you approximately four hours of play time — along with also the battery is really charging up the Switch the entire time that it’s in performance, so if it runs out you can undock the Switch and perform for hours longer like that.

The Yesojo also comprises a built in speaker that is surprisingly potent and clear concerning output, and actually fills a area — again, even if competing with neighboring conference hall audio.

Finally, the Yesojo has entered for additional HDMI devices so you can use it together with things outside the Switch, which makes it a very versatile travel accessory both for play and work.

As said, the Yesojo is likely to start shipping shortly, and it retails for $369. It’s a good accessory for your own Switch, also a great bargain for a mobile projector that works with your devices, which ships with a USB-C adapter from the box. The dock itself may charge readily utilizing the first Switch adapter, also, which means you just need one cable.

It appeared like it was possibly too great to be true once the job was first announced, but now that we have had a time with it lives up to its possible — and much more. We’re definitely going to be putting it through its paces for a complete, elongated review shortly, but according to what we saw at CES, this is a very in-demand add-on for Switch fans.


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