IBM may be prepping for massive changes at Global Technology Services group

IBM was a business adrift for that the past several years using 22 straight quarters of declining earnings. Against that background, The Register printed an article yesterday indicating there might be massive changes afoot for that the organization’s Global Technology Services group.

Global Technology Services is your company consulting arm IBM that copes with infrastructure hardware and support consulting. As the firm has changed its emphasis into the cloud, GTS’s hardware attention is a place which will have less importance for the firm moving ahead.

This alter would want to be seen against the changing background of IT generally. The truth is that firms are moving away from conducting their own data centers and changing to people cloud solutions. Having 100,000 workers focused on hardware installation consulting does not make a good deal of sense within this context.

The Register post said that the branch was going to experience a significant shift in focus causing a massive restructuring of their workforce. Further, the shift was so big, the business has hired Bain to assist them arrange it. Some 30,000 individuals would be influenced globally, according to the report.

Of that, 9300 tasks would be transferred to regions where IBM is focusing nowadays such as cloud calculating, while approximately 10,000 positions could just not be refilled if the workers left. It’s not as clear what happens to the rest from the info in The Register post, however 6000 out of cross-company or outside providers could be transferred or removed. As for the staying 5000 or so, it is not explained what happens to these, or when there might be layoffs involved.

An IBM spokesperson responding to queries on the truth of this article had this to say “As you know, we do not comment on speculation. Many consultants recommend things to IBM, many of which remain merely recommendations,” that the spokesperson informed TechCrunch. That’s a carefully calibrated answer to be sure.

The spokesperson went to describe, “And like every business, IBM re-skills its workforce to meet emerging client requirements. GTS is substantially increasing its investment in professional development and technical training to focus on our itrategic Initiatives.” In flip side, IBM has been moving into regions like cloud, safety, artificial intelligence and analytics throughout the past several years and they will need to maneuver the GTS workforce into those regions also (which might indicate they’re in fact doing this).

Ray Wang, who’s founder and chief analyst at Constellation Research states that this a change the business must create. “IBM is in the middle of a larger re-skilling exercise. The goal is to redeploy and retrain there staff for new business models,” he explained. “GTS was set up for legacy support models and outsourcing models This is why there may be some truth in the rumor, but we do know that Bain is there,” he included.

The great news is that the accounts do not cite massive layoffs, though some layoffs are most likely likely with a branch this big. Still, in the event the first report is right, the focus seems to be on altering employees to other places, not removing them. Of class, time will tell how all this plays out.

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