Here’s how to make The Boring Company’s flamethrower

Obligatory disclaimer: Don’t be dumb.

What follows is a video appearing prime degree directions on how to construct a just about actual replica of The Boring Company’s flamethrower. Basically, intestine this $125 Airsoft gun and insert a propane torch. The overall invoice of products will have to be underneath $200, smartly underneath the $500 The Boring Company was once charging till it bought out of the 20okay devices.

As many identified sooner than, The Boring Company Flamethrower is muddling the definition of a flamethrower. It’s extra of a big torch like the ones utilized in roofing or to transparent brush or soften ice.

Whatever. It’s ok to have amusing every so often.

Elon Musk stated following launching a Tesla Roadster into house, “It’s kind of silly and fun, but I think that silly and fun things are important.” I agree. This DIY flamethrower is foolish and amusing and it’s the kind of venture that would encourage and interact any individual into finding mechanical engineering. Just don’t be dumb. Please.

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