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Shimon is a marbima-playing robot with some actual soul. This loopy little robot, created by means of Gil Weinberg at the Georgia Tech Center for Music Technology, can pay attention to the different avid gamers round it and play out little ditties in reaction to the track. In brief, it’s the global’s easiest jazz and hip hop collaborator as a result of, in contrast to people, Shimon can by no means get under the influence of alcohol and overlook the van keys again at that Taco Bell in Fresno.

“Most of what Shimon is playing is generated using a new process where he creates hundreds of melodies off line based on deep learning analysis of large musical data sets,” stated Weinberg. “Then us humans (me and my students) choose melodies we like and orchestrate / structure them into songs. It’s a new form of robot-human collaboration, at least for us.”

In this video Shimon and workforce play along to Dash Smith, an Atlanta-based rapper who freestyles whilst Shimon and you’ll additionally realize some other Georgia Tech product, a robot drumming prosthesis that provides the drummer the energy of 4 Neil Perts.

Weinberg, Shimon’s human, is focused on the new traits.

“Still under development is the other new element – we are working letting Shimon analyze in real time the rhythm, melodies and semantic meaning of the free style rapper lyrics and use this analysis to drive Shimon’s improvisation. As you know we have explored mostly improvised music, starting with drum circles moving to Jazz, rock jam-bands, and African marimba bands,” stated Weinberg. “We are now ready to move to the next frontier of real time collaborative improvisation – free style rapping, where the hope is that the rapper will be influenced by what Shimon is coming up with and vice versa.”

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