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Want to make your track extra fascinating? Add a subwoofer. That’s what Amazon did and, all of sudden, all of the Echo good speaker lineup is extra fascinating. If you weren’t inspired with the sound of an Echo, believe making an attempt once more when the Echo is paired with an Echo Sub. The subwoofer adjustments the sport.

The Echo Sub is a small, spherical sub lined in the similar material because the Echo audio system. Currently it’s most effective to be had in darkish grey. It’s designed to be sat at the flooring or a strong table and serve up the low notes the Echo audio system are not able to breed. The Echo Sub does its task. When paired with an Echo speaker, the audio is extra complete and relaxing, well-balanced and wholesome. The Echo Sub is a must-have for Echo house owners.


Amazon equipped TechCrunch with a pair of $99 Echo audio system and the $129 Echo Sub. This equipment is to be had for $300, however Amazon additionally sells the Echo Sub package with two Echo Plus units for $329 — that’s the package to get for the reason that Plus fashions have better speaker drivers. I think the adaptation might be price the extra $30.

Setting up the machine takes about 25 mins. Each speaker is for my part added to the Alexa smartphone app. Once all 3 audio system are put in, they must be bundled in a digital crew. The app’s activates make it simple, however I discovered the method buggy. When seeking to mix the audio system into a crew, the app would from time to time fail to find one of the most audio system. Other occasions, the 2 audio system have been discovered, however the sub used to be now not. Eventually, I were given it configured and ended up with two Echo audio system operating in stereo and a subwoofer dealing with the low-end sounds.

The distinction an extra speaker and subwoofer makes is pretty. But it shouldn’t be sudden. Stereo is how track used to be intended to be loved.

Years in the past the Jambox and its numerous Bluetooth speaker clones satisfied a era that one speaker is all that’s necessary for track. That’s a lie. One speaker will get the task executed, however two, operating in stereo will at all times be higher. And on this case, with the addition of a subwoofer, it’s a lot, significantly better.

Des Rocs’ Let me Live takes complete good thing about the newfound soundstage. The left and proper audio system explode with task, growing an immersive listening enjoy that’s now not conceivable with any unmarried speaker from an Amazon Echo to Apple HomePod. The stereo association we could the track breath.

AKA George’s Stone Cold Classic comes alive with this setup. The Echo Sub supplies dramatically extra intensity to the observe whilst the stereo Echos be offering a complete enjoy. Need extra evidence? Turn to Van Halen’s Panama. A unmarried speaker can’t give the similar enjoy; the channels get muddled and blended. But when performed in true stereo with the backup of a woofer, the David Lee Roth comes alive.

I’m inspired with the sound high quality of this $300 package. Numerous the heavy lifting is offloaded to the Echo Sub, permitting the Echo audio system to deal with the mids and highs, that are transparent and exact for the cost level. At $300, it’s onerous to seek out a higher audio machine than two Echo audio system and the Echo Sub. And the Echo’s good options sweeten the deal.

Amazon equipped two $99 Echo audio system, they usually do the task. The Echo Sub may also be paired with two $149 Echo Plus speaker, which function extra important drivers; I think the usage of two of those audio system would lead to even higher sound and when bought as a part of a package, they’re most effective a few greenbacks extra.

The Echo Sub works nicely in maximum scenarios. Compared to different subwoofers, it’s at the smaller facet of the size. It supplies much-needed bass, however the woofer can’t shake partitions. It does now not pound, consistent with se. It’s a nice fit for onerous rock or pounding pop; it’s now not for trunk-rattling rap. Think Arctics Monkeys as an alternative of Post Malone.

The Alexa app lets in customers to regulate the volume of bass, mid and treble the subwoofer produces. I discovered the changes to be minor and not able to switch the sound profile of the woofer significantly. Overall, the Echo Sub is a chic, little sub that works nicely along with a pair of Echo audio system.

The Echo Sub can paintings with only one Echo speaker, too. Own simply Echo good speaker? Add an Echo Sub for an astounding upgrade in sound high quality.

Amazon is now not the one corporate pairing good audio system for a new age of stereo sound. Sonos has lengthy allowed house owners to wirelessly attach audio system to create stereo and encompass sound setups. Two Google Home Max may also be paired to create a pretty stereo set. The identical is going for Apple HomePods: Two $350 HomePods may also be wirelessly tied in combination for a stereo equipment. Each of the setups discussed above supplies nice audio high quality, however they’re dearer than Amazon’s answer. Only Sonos sells a devoted subwoofer, even though.

Amazon, with the addition of the Echo Sub, now provides a nice audio enjoy for a lot lower than that of its closest competition. The $129 Echo Sub is compact and succesful and one of the simplest ways to right away upgrade an Echo good speaker setup. If conceivable, upload a 2d an Echo speaker to create a digital set of stereo audio system.

The Echo Sub is a very easy advice for houses the place an Echo speaker is devoted to track. If pressured to select between including a 2d Echo or including an Echo Sub, opt for the subwoofer first.

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